Authorized Dealers

Dreadsock Inc. has an interest in developing authorized retailers and distributors for its full range of Live Up Apparel™ products.



Authorized Distributor
An Authorized Distributor is an individual or company with a network of contacts that can make sales of Live Up Apparel™ into retail outlets and locations. You must have previous experience as a product distributor and be able to demonstrate that you have an existing customer base. The terms and conditions for receiving the Authorized Distributor designation are available by e-mailing awaller@dreadsock.com.



Authorized Retailer
To be an Authorized Retailer, you must be operating a hair salon or similar facility that offers services and products to the general public. If you have an interest in becoming an Authorized Retailer of Live Up Apparel™, please e-mail awaller@dreadsock.com.



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