“Good Hair”

No Responses June 17, 2015

It is said timing is everything. So in honor of the new Dreadsock website launch, my first topic of discussion is a review of Chris Rock’s new documentary “Good Hair.” First, I would like to give props to Chris Rock for his courage to take this topic on. My background is so diverse that this topic is near and dear to my heart. My hair has been locked for 15 years and it is the “nappy.” The term is used for hair that is tight kinky, curly. Regardless of what many people believe I feel that I have, “Good Hair.”

At Dreadsock we promote locks and other natural styles. The reality of the movie is that relaxed and chemically altered hair is more popular in today’s society. We want to revolutionize this belief by giving people an alternative for far less damaging to the hair and scalp. I am so excited that I have this opportunity to help those that want to make a natural change. Check out our new videos on the journey page for some interesting insights on this topic.



The origin of the Dreadsock goes back about fifteen years. It was developed out of a necessity for products specific to locked hairstyles. When Julian Burke, the founder and president of Dreadsock Inc., started his dreadlocks he was determined to keep them well manicured and healthy. Although locked hair is an ancient style he found there weren’t any products designed specifically for their care and maintenance. Committed to his lock journey, Julian was determined to develop a product to meet the specific needs of locked hair. The Dreadsock is that product, providing both comfort and protection. As dreadlocks and natural hairstyles have become mainstream, there has been a demand for products that are both fashionable and functional for these styles. Through the years, Dreadsock has developed into a brand dedicated to meeting the unique needs of people worldwide who have decided to lock.

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