Dreadsock is committed to the design of apparel that is both fashionable and functional for the lock community.



The origin of the Dreadsock goes back about fifteen years. It was developed out of a necessity for products specific to locked hairstyles.

When Julian Burke, the founder and president of Dreadsock Inc., started his dreadlocks he was determined to keep them well manicured and healthy. Although locked hair is an ancient style he found there weren’t any products designed specifically for their care and maintenance. Committed to his lock journey, Julian was determined to develop a product to meet the specific needs of locked hair. The Dreadsock is that product, providing both comfort and protection.

As dreadlocks and natural hairstyles have become mainstream, there has been a demand for products that are both fashionable and functional for these styles. Through the years, Dreadsock has developed into a brand dedicated to meeting the unique needs of people worldwide who have decided to lock.

Ultimate Protection

The Dreadsock completely encases your hair from root to tip. Protecting it from breakage, lint, and other debris. Its 4-way stretch material allows your locks to fall back naturally.

Form Fitting

The elastic band is specially designed to stay put during sleep and high impact activity

Superior Quality

Each Dreadsock is made of a high tech poly blend and manufactured in the U.S.A. This durable material wicks water away from its surface, locking-in your natural moisture, while allowing your hair and scalp to breathe.