Extra Large Dreadsock

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Recommended for lower-back and beyond hair length

6 reviews for Extra Large Dreadsock

  1. Teddy M (verified owner)

    Best ever! We always had trouble finding one long enough for his locs. We have bought three or 4 so far plus a bandana for me!

  2. Michelle Curry (verified owner)

    Just what all loc lovers need! Why is there only one review so far? I received my sock on February 1, 2021, and am back on ordering another. I FINALLY have a cover for my luscious natural locs! The Dreadsock stays put on my forehead, won’t slip off at night (I am a WILD sleeper), and protects my entire length of hair. My locs are down to my shoulder-blades and only growing longer. My only request would be to make an XL or XXL to accommodate longer locs. LOVE the product and will continue to buy more of everything you make! Thank you.

  3. Michelle Curry (verified owner)

    LOVE IT! Finally, a loc holder that stays put! I received my Dreadsock on February 1, 2021, and am back online ordering another and more products. The sock holds tight, stays put (I am a WILD sleeper) and protects my entire length of hair. My only request would be to make a size XL or XXL to accommodate locs as they grow. Mine are reaching my waist and will only continue to grow. Nice job Mr. Burke, thank you for your great products!

  4. Mark Prescott (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying these from you guys for years. I can’t find them anywhere but here that are long enough for my locs.

  5. E. Miller

    I’ve had locs for over a decade now. I wish I’d found these when i was beginning my loc journey. I’ve purchased various sizes of dreadsocks over the years. Compared to similar products on the market this is far superior. There’s no excessive dye runoff to leave stains on pillows when sleeping. It fits comfortably. The elastic band accommodates my head (small to medium). Whenever i want to protect my locs from picking up lint or dirt I put one on. I wear this when doing any outdoor activity like lawn cutting, tree trimming, and even hvac work that required me to go in the crawlspaces of homes with insects and spider webs. I really enjoy sleeping in these also. I’ve been using dreadsocks since 2017.

  6. E. Miller

    I love dead socks. I’ve used these since 2017. I sleep in them. When doing yardwork i put one on to keep the dirt and debris out of my locs. These are far superior than similar items in the market. That’s no excessive dye runoff that stains your pillow while you sleep. The elastic band is comfortable and accommodates the circumference of my head. I wish i had found these in the beginning of my loc journey over a decade ago. You won’t be disappointed with these at all.

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